Key statistics for the 2018-19 financial year include:
  • $6.6 billion in taxation revenue across all gambling sectors.
  • Approximately $773 million from casinos, and $3,669 million from hotels and clubs, in direct tourism gross value added to the economy.
  • Employment of approximately 221,800 people across Australia, paying just over $11 billion in salary and wages.

*Source: IBISWorld Pty Ltd, Australian Industry Reports 2020 & 2021,

Industry Sector Estimated Value Added 2018-19

Industry Sector


Industry Value Added

Share of Economy


($ Million)

($ Million)

(GDP %)





Gaming & Vending Machine Manufacturers




Horse & Dog Racing




Horse & Sports Betting








Pubs, Bars, Nightclubs




Social Clubs




*Source: IBISWorld Pty Ltd, Australian Industry Reports 2020 & 2021,


Funds from gambling taxes, mandatory levies and voluntary contributions from the gambling industry are distributed via state-wide funding and benefit schemes to assist the community, provide gambling help services and support responsible gambling initiatives.

Some examples of how funds were distributed via these channels include: 

  • In New South Wales approximately $12.57 million was distributed to gambling counselling and treatment services.
  • In the ACT $11.53 million was distributed to community programs across the territory.
  • In Queensland more than $71 million was distributed to some 3,355 community organisations and programs.
  • In the Northern Territory $11.98 million in funding was distributed to support community development projects, gambling research and the amelioration of problem gambling.
  • Over $6 million in funding was distributed to fund support programs and initiatives to minimise problem gambling in South Australia.
  • $143.06 million was distributed in grants to support the Victorian community, including drug and alcohol treatment, and problem gambling assistance services. 
  • In Tasmania $4.18 million was paid into the state's fund to support the community, including sports and recreation, research and gambling support services.
  • Approximately $281.7 million of funding to the community was provided by Lotterywest, to support hospitals, sports, the arts and other eligible community organisations.


New Zealand

Key statistics for the 2018-19 financial year include:
  • Non-casino gaming machine trusts raised an estimated $294 million for authorised community purposes from 26,337 grants.
  • Over NZ$280 million was allocated by the New Zealand Lottery Grants Board for distribution to the community in the 2018-19 financial year.
  • The three racing codes received NZ$151.5 million in funding from the New Zealand Racing Board’s operations, and payments of NZ$10 million were distributed to 34 national sporting organisations.
  • SkyCity Casinos contributed just over NZ$14 million via community contributions, levies and sponsorships.


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