May 2022

In addition to the provision of financial contributions, Tabcorp shares its resources, networks, skills, expertise and people, to help improve the community.

Tabcorp has established a Charitable Games division which partners with various not-for-profit organisations to provide access to the technology, people and marketing resources required to support their fundraising activities.

For example, the Charitable Games division has helped drive the 50-50 Foundation's fundraising efforts for more than 500 charities and sporting clubs around Australia through its Play For Purpose and 50-50 Charity raffles.

Tabcorp Play for Purpose 

Raised $1.9m for hundreds of charities and grassroots sporting clubs across Australia


Tabcorp 5050 Raffle  Raised over $390,000 and co-ordinated over 4,200 volunteer hours in partnership with          sporting clubs and charities


For more information, click on the link to access Tabcorp's Corporate Responsibility Report 2021.