Individuals can ban themselves from gambling at particular venues or on websites, through a process known as Self-Exclusion. 

Self-Exclusion is a service offered throughout Australia and New Zealand.  However the process and requirements of the various self-exclusion programs available for different gambling forms may vary.

In a number of jurisdictions self-exclusion is available from multiple venues and involuntary exclusion (venue initiated exclusion) or exclusion of others (Third Party exclusion) by concerned family members or others is also available.

For more help and support at any time in Australia you can also call 1800 858 858 or, in New Zealand call 0800 654 655.

Please note that the AGC does not manage any of the programs for which information is provided below. 

For further information and/or contact with Self-Exclusion program management in any of the listings noted please use the contact details provided. 

BetStop - National on-line gambling self-exclusion register

BetStop - the National Self-Exclusion Register™ is a safe and free Australian Government initiative where consumers can block themselves from all licensed Australian online and phone gambling providers.

Consumers can register at any time. Once registered, online and phone gambling providers will not be able to allow registered persons to:

  • place a bet
  • open new betting accounts
  • send marketing messages. 

Registered persons can nominate someone they know to support them while they are self-excluded.  They can also access information about other gambling supports that are available.


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